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Coaches' Corner

Expert running advice from NYRR coaches.

Stuart Calderwood on Marathon Training

Anyone who’s determined and patient can finish a marathon.

  • It’s vital to have running shoes that really work for you. Test run several pairs before choosing. As for clothing, generally less is more.

  • Don’t try anything new on race day. That means nothing new to eat, to wear, or to use. Trust your experience.

  • Hold back until you’re over halfway. If you let fast starters pass you until the 15-mile mark, you’ll see a reversal of the trend from there to the finish.

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Stuart Calderwood has coached runners of all levels, from beginners to Olympic Trials qualifiers, for more than 30 years. He currently coaches the Central Park contingent of NYRR Group Training.

Melanie Kann on night running

Take precautions when running in the dark. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Reflective clothing can help you stay visible. You can also wear clip-on lights and headlamps if you’re in darker areas.

  • Choose a familiar route and be hyperaware of your surroundings. Carry your phone, ID and some cash.

  • Tell a friend when and where you’re going. Carry extra fuel with you in case you take a wrong turn.

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Melanie Kann is a coach for NYRR’s Group Training program, as well as for JackRabbit and Run4Fun Youth Running Club in Brooklyn.

Gordon Bakoulis on Running While Traveling

Here’s how to get in your runs no matter where your travels take you:

  • Resist the temptation to explore on your own unless you have very reliable info on the local terrain.

  • It’s a paradox that many runners lapse when they travel, despite plenty of free time. Don’t just hope you’ll fit it in somehow—plan.

  • On some trips, missed workouts are inevitable. Embrace the experiences you’re having and try not to sweat it.

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Gordon Bakoulis is an 8-time NYRR Fred Lebow Runner of the Year, and twice finished among the top 10 women in the New York City Marathon.

Roberto Mandje on Winter Running Gear

Tackle the cooler months in these warm and protective pieces:

  • A jacket or vest is always your first line of defense.

  • A running scarf helps protect your neck and face.

  • A beanie helps trap heat while allowing your head to breathe.

  • A long sleeve tech top wicks sweat and helps keep you warm.

  • A pair of tights that are windproof and breathable.

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Roberto Mandje is an Olympic distance runner, a fitness model, and the Manager of Runner Training, Education and Products at NYRR.

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